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Nityesh Agarwal
Jun 06, 2024

Website blocker Chrome extension

I use a website blocker to block LinkedIn and twitter on my laptop so I don’t get distracted. It’s helpful. But it breaks when I need to quickly look up something work-related. I turn the extension off for a minute and 1 minute turns into 20 in no time. What’s worse, I forget to turn it on, leaving me vulnerable for the future. I would like a new extension that has “Access passes”: - 1-min access pass - 5 min access pass - custom access pass As soon as the time is up, website gets blocked. Very helpful for addicts of the algorithmic feed. If I want to access, I need to get a pass by giving a reason (minimum 50 characters). Money: A paid “REHAB CENTER MODE” that - shows me insights - prevents me from getting more than x access passes in a day - hides the feed + post analytics (likes, views etc) - adds a 10-sec delay between getting the access pass and showing the screen so that user has a chance to exit maybe by introducing an animation that gradually opens the screen

Path to $100

Rehab Center mode - $20 lifetime

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