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Nityesh Agarwal
May 16, 2024

Rails gem to add blog to an app

One would expect that it'll be easy for a Rails dev to add a basic blog to their app given the "batteries included" nature of the framework. I would expect that I'll just need to add a gem and boom - I'll get the ability to publish a basic blog. But surprisingly its not the case. There are literally no gems available. So founders need to resort to paid tools to add a blog on their domain ( This is ridiculous because: 1. Rails already has the key components required like "meta-tags" gem for SEO and "actiontext" for formatting. 2. This is something that every web app needs - if not to publish a blog then to publish compare pages, privacy pages etc. 3. Blogging is literally one of the first things that programmers did with the advent of the Internet. It shouldn't be so fucking difficult to program your own blog. Feature list here - Handle SEO like Ghost -

Path to $100

This will be difficult here since rails gems are open-source. Maybe Github subscriptions can get $100? But anyway, this can be a solid project to make your portfolio shine and get a career boost.

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